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Stopping vshub Requests Spamming Fiddler

I’ve been having some issues lately when debugging ASP.net web applications using Visual Studio and Fiddler. If you use Fiddler whilst running the app in debug mode, you’ll find it’s being spammed with traffic being sent to Visual Studio as your app runs.

The key symptom is you have hundreds of requests that look something like:



Aside from being slightly irritating, the volume of traffic is sufficient to make Fiddler borderlineĀ useless as all genuine traffic will be drowned out.

I didn’t have much luck applying standard Fiddler Filters for some reason. Most likely I was just wrong on the syntax for the exclusion.

Digging in a bit further, the traffic is being sent to the Diagnostic Tools window in Visual Studio and is used to populate those kinda cool/kinda horrendously distracting memory and processor charts.

Given that I don’t spend my entire Visual Studio day preoccupied with memory usage and CPU load it seems a little overkill to be sending that data by default. As such, to stop the spamming, open the Diagnostic Tools window (Ctrl + Alt + F2) and deselect the Memory Usage and CPU Usage tools as shown below:

Diagnostic Tools Window

This should stop the spam traffic, but you will need to remember to manually re-enable the Diagnostic Tools if you are doing some profiling that requires them.



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