Dynamics CRM, Security, Troubleshooting

Dynamics CRM – You do not have permission to access these records. AKA Sometimes CRM will lie right to your face

Sometimes CRM will give you the following message when you are attempting to assign a record to another user

Insufficient Permissions
*You* do not have permissions to access these records. Contact your Microsoft Dynamics CRM administrator

Insufficient Permissions

Be aware that sometimes this message is flat out misleading. If you are getting this error message whilst logged in a System Administrator there is a very good chance that the permission issue isn’t with your account, it’s an issue with the user you are attempting to assign the record to

If you are struggling to infer what the missing privilege is, the nuclear option is to run a CRM trace whilst attempting to assign the record. Run the trace and you should eventually find something like the following:

Missing privilege on the Invoice entity
Missing read privilege on the Invoice entity

In our case we were attempting to assign an account to a new user. In our environment we don’t use the Invoice feature of CRM meaning most users don’t even have the ability to Read Invoices. By an unhappy coincidence a user that did have the ability to play with invoices had created a test record under the account in question. At some point much later we then attempted to assign the account to one of the many users who don’t have the Read privilege – then BANG – unhelpful error message…

Lesson: If you get the Insufficient Permissions error message as a System Administrator whilst assigning a record – its probably not your permissions that are the problem

Start up a trace and it should hopefully lead you straight to the missing privilege

Good luck!


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